Friday, 6 May 2016


Every year we are celebrating world water day on 22 March. In continuation of this we were organized a one day conference on this day.  Tree plantation activity was held on 22 march 2016.more then 20plants were planted by the chief guest, guest of honor, higher authorities of college and club members in the campus. Tree plantation is very helpful to maintain ecological balance and sustainable development.
Name of club coordinators of VSSA Club
1.      Sumit meena 3rd year CIVIL
2.      Prateek jain 3rd year CIVIL
3.      Taro suniyo 3rd year CIVIL
4.      Sushmita singh 3rd year CIVIL
5.      Tarun kumar 3rd year CIVIL
6.      Shrikant Sharma 3rd year CIVIL
7.      Nidhi bhavsar 3rd year CIVIL
8.      Jitendra 3rd year CIVIL
9.      Vivek agarwal
10.  Ravi verma
11.  Shubham sharma
12.  Himanshu Sharma(fee due)(2nd year)
13.  Arpit Sharma(fee due)
14.  Lokesh jangid(fee due)
15.  Deepesh Sharma(fee due)
16.  Medha tiwari
17.  Narayan singh (first year)
18.  Manmeet (fee due)
19.  Nitish kumar
20.  Simran jain
21.  Ravi lalwani
22.  Garvita kaushik
23.  Aritrika dutta
24.  Renu kanwar
25.  Richa jorwal
26.  Poonam rathora
27.  Fahad rehman
28.  Jaskaran kaur
29.  Bhumika singh
30.  Rishab parwal
31.  Pankaj singh rathora
32.  Budhi prakash Yadav
33.  Kartikey pareek
34.  Rajat Mishra
35.  Bhupendra Sharma
36.  Sunil kumar
37.  Utkarsh tiwari
38.  Ritik tiwari
39.  Kumar satyam

40.  Amar kant tyagi
A poster competition was organized by the VSSA club for celebration of VIVEKOTSAVA-16 on 11th January 2016. Our theme for the poster competition was Social Issues and Environmental protection. These days the pollution is on its peak and is one of the biggest problems all over world. This problem is very marked in Asian countries where the environment is badly disaster. But developed countries suffer from this problem and they stable this problem. To provide the awareness to the public about how to clean the environment so the theme of our event is based on environmental protection and social issues.
Timing of event was 11.30am 11th January and venue is chemistry lab VIT. The event was started on time and completed successfully. Total 6 teams were participated in the competition.

 All team members did their best efforts for represent their views and creativity in the posters. Winner team got the cash prize of 500/- and certificate on 12th January 2016.
On 10/03/16 students of VIT campus went to Mansarovar Metro Depot for a special and enthusiastic session with one of the pioneers of DD Rajasthan Mr. Mahendra Surana. The session was all about METRO & socio - political issues that took place all around the globe the session is in accordance to its speciality and is called as "PRASHNOTRI" this programme is in existence from 22 years. It was a very thrilling experience and it improved our intellectual quotient, it was a phenomenon success and students enjoyed it at the most of it, students over 150 participated in this PRASHNOTRI QUIZ. It ended with a thrilling and mind blowing performance of dance of a group of girls Of VIT. The show will be telecasted on 27th of March at 7:00P.M. Onwards

VGU_logo.png   VIVEKANANDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLGY                           
                                                                         Date: 27/04/2016
                            VSSA CLUB
A Monthly progress meeting of VSSA CLUB will be held on 28/4/2016. For discussing upcoming events .
Venue: LT-201
Time: 2.30-3.00 pm

Faculty coordinators:
Dr Deeplata Sharma

                      Vivekananda Institute of Technology
 (Affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University, Kota & Approved by AICTE)

VITC/2015-16/                                                                                                           Date: 28-4-16
Minutes of Meeting
A meeting of all the student club coordinators of VSSA Club, VIT, was held in LT-201 at 2.30am on 28 April, 2016. The following club members attended the meeting-
  1. Simran jain
  2. Aritrika dutta
  3. Renu kanwar
  4. Richa jorwal
  5. Poonam rathora
  6. Rajshree meena
  7. Garvita kaushik
  8. Himanshu sharma
  9. Deepesh sharma
  10. Naran singh tomar
  11. Pankaj singh rathora
  12. Nitish kumar
  13. Bhupendra sharma
  14. Ravi lalwani
  15. Sunil kumar
  16. Kartikey pareek
  17. Rishabh parwal

The following points were discussed-

1. In first week of May, 2016 VSSA club members will be organized PARINDA HANGING activity.
2. In the second week of May, 2016 VSSA club members will be organized a cleanness programme in the college campus
3. Various post and responsibility assigned to club members.
4. Discussed about face book page and blog updating on website.

(Dr. Deeplata Sharma)
Coordinator, VSSA Club, VIT

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