Friday, 6 May 2016

A poster competition was organized by the VSSA club for celebration of VIVEKOTSAVA-16 on 11th January 2016. Our theme for the poster competition was Social Issues and Environmental protection. These days the pollution is on its peak and is one of the biggest problems all over world. This problem is very marked in Asian countries where the environment is badly disaster. But developed countries suffer from this problem and they stable this problem. To provide the awareness to the public about how to clean the environment so the theme of our event is based on environmental protection and social issues.
Timing of event was 11.30am 11th January and venue is chemistry lab VIT. The event was started on time and completed successfully. Total 6 teams were participated in the competition.

 All team members did their best efforts for represent their views and creativity in the posters. Winner team got the cash prize of 500/- and certificate on 12th January 2016.

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